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talking head(s).

Kait // 22 // Philly suburbs.
Keto eater and experimental chef.
I like to lift heavy. I like to sing. I like a lot of things.
My health is my business.
Film and lipstick enthusiast.
More florals than your grandma.
I like feminism, flamingos, and flowers.

2014 IN FILM

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Taking naked pictures of yourself does not make you a bad person. People who share them without your permission are bad people.

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Sometimes you’re 23 and standing in the kitchen of your house making breakfast and brewing coffee and listening to music that for some reason is really getting to your heart. You’re just standing there thinking about going to work and picking up your dry cleaning. And also more exciting things like books you’re reading and trips you plan on taking and relationships that are springing into existence. Or fading from your memory, which is far less exciting. And suddenly you just don’t feel at home in your skin or in your house and you just want home but “Mom’s” probably wouldn’t feel like home anymore either. There used to be the comfort of a number in your phone and ears that listened everyday and arms that were never for anyone else, but just to calm you down when you started feeling trapped in a five-minute period where nostalgia is too much and thoughts of this person you are feel foreign. When you realize that you’ll never be this young again but this is the first time you’ve ever been this old. When you can’t remember how you got from sixteen to here and all the same feel like sixteen is just as much of a stranger to you now. The song is over. The coffee’s done. You’re going to breathe in and out. You’re going to be fine in about five minutes.

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this seriously fucked me up right now

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My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.

(note to self)

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Rain of Summer by (Serena Joyce) | follow on Tumblr 

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when u stand up 2 fast n suddenly ur floatin thru space n time

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I forgot it was Labor Day Weekend until I got to work earlier




Why is it when I see a white girl with a tattoo on her thigh i think sexy? But a Latina I think ghettos as fuck?

because youre racist

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do men have resting bitch faces as well or do they not have negative characteristics ascribed to them for putting on a neutral rather than a deliriously happy facial expression

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thank you! both are very informative, and now I think I have some course of action. thank you thank you thank you!

can anyone recommend some reputable sexual health resources or journals?

I have no idea where to start and Google is all over the place today

plz send help

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